Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0

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Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0

We all love food, right! And experiences coming over the years they say, that’s we created "Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0" where we have listened to our travelers and challenged our team. Just to design to most incredible “Street Food Experience” you can join here in Hanoi for an unforgettable experiences.

Our Friends Travel Vietnam Team is very proud to present you our new "Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0", where we enjoy a 3 hours unique local food experience. With at least 15 local culinary Vietnamese food & beverages samplings to trigger your taste pallet. 

My advice….. just have an early lunch or skip your lunch that day you join!

You walk, we talk, we eat... but with this "Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0", just go with flow and sample the 15 unique delicious Vietnamese cuisine just like the locals do — on the street. You'll definitely have some questions for us!

Learn more from our enthusiastic local hosts from Friends Travel Vietnam about Hanoi’s unique food culture, where we have a great story to share about the local specialties with influences from French and Chinese cuisine, the owner behind the street restaurant and places we go

We don't just take you around Ha Noi's hottest culinary spots - we delve deeper into its historical past, revealing the hidden secrets and giving you the 'Insiders Guide' to life in our awe-inspiring city.

It's a feast for every sense - the sights, sounds & smells - and not forgetting those tasty treats we have in store for you along the way.

We'd love to tell you more, but as this is "Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0" the only unscripted and interactive're just going to have to join us!

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From USD 19

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Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0

Travel is all about the street food these days, and why not? It's fresh, fast, delicious and a great way to crack into the local scene. Join this "Real Hanoi Street Food ExperienceV2.0", an amazing adventure to source the best street eats from markets, food carts, street cafes and other hard-to-find-but-totally-worth-the-effort secret spots.  

1st Departure time 17:30 PM
2nd Departure time 18:00 PM
3rd Departure time 18:30 PM
* please be 15 minutes before your tour starts at our office to ensure we can run on schedule, thanks!

We'd love to tell you more, but as this is "Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0" the only unscripted and interactive're just going to have to join us!


Max 4 - 6 people!

Join in tour  19 $USD/p
Private tour 38 $USD/p
Groups  on request


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1st - Departure time - 17:30 PM
2nd - Departure time - 18:00 PM
3rd - Departure time - 18:30 PM


Depart daily from Friends Travel Vietnam office at 62 Hang Buom street in Hanoi (See Google Maps)


Vegetarian option available, please book separately this option we run the vegetarian street food separately


English local speaking host
15 x Local Vietnamese Cuisine
drinks, bottle of water
All transfers 
All entree fees
​and more...
All indicated in our itinerary


Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
Gratuities (optional)
Personal expenses


Children under 9 years are not advisable to join only as private tour


  1. Friends Travel Vietnam Office - 62 Hang Buom street - Hà Nội