Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience 3,5 hours (morning 08:30AM)

TOUR INFORMATION (Daily Departure 08:30AM) Stoke your wanderlust with our own daily departing itineraries for the "Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience".Travel is all about getting the senses...
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Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience 3,5 hours (afternoon 01:30 PM)

TOUR INFORMATION (Daily Departure 1:30PM) Stoke your wanderlust with our own daily departing itineraries for the "Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience".Travel is all about getting the senses ...
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The story begins with Sidney & Thao, who share the passion to help travellers and organize tours. The main motive for them was to set up a company based on how they want their friends to travel around Vietnam on a unique experience. That means that the journey contains the highest quality, unique and local experiences you can’t get anywhere else. With Sidney’s knowledge and experiences since 2007 and Thao since 1998, we dare to say that we can offer you an unforgettable journey through Vietnam. As a real family business, we ensure that our customers also get a family feeling with us, we care & take care about you. We do this by receiving you frankly and giving personal advice based on your wishes. We are experienced and creative enough to compose the most unique journey for everyone. Service, quality, unique, personal, cultural, family and especially local are the most important keywords for us to work with. It is important to us that our customers are supremely satisfied and we are working hard for that. It goes with us beyond just booking your tour, train, bus and flight ticket, hotel room or airport service. We think small, especially local and always listen to the wishes of our travellers. Come to us with your journey wishes and we will make sure you have a fantastic unforgettable time here in Vietnam with us Friends Travel Vietnam!

What are we doing?

As mentioned earlier, we find it important that our customers have the experience of their lives. We realize this by distinguishing ourselves from other travel agencies and that makes Friends Travel Vietnam the travel specialist in Vietnam. The focus is a special, unique journey where you come in contact with locals and get to know the real Vietnam. Our specialized team is ready to take you into Vietnamese life. 

With a lot of experience in the travel world have been able to put together something special for everyone's budget. We have completely compiled journeys, budget trips, customized private trips, family trips, adventure trips and much more. In addition, we organize transport, accommodation and Visa. Come to us with your travel wishes and we provide a costume-made journey. In consultation with us, we build your dream trip. With our digital travel app, we visualize your journey so that you always have it at hand, easily and quickly. Friends Travel Vietnam helps you when you need us. We are ready 24/7 to solve possible problems and answer questions. Expect a fantastic service from beginning to end, where we include you in our family.

Hanoi Bicycle Tour

In the meantime, we have been based in the Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam since 2013 and know all the ins and outs of the city. It is remarkable that most travelers often don’t get this when they visit the city and that had to change. 

From the moment Mr Sidney and his wife Ms Thao had the philosophy to start Friends Travel Vietnam, Sidney was already jumping to set up a bicycle tour. The tour of Co van Kessel in Thailand gave him a ‘wow’ factor in 2000. From that moment on it was clear that one had to come in Hanoi. From the very beginning where Friends Travel Vietnam started, the company grew so fast that the bicycle tour had to be parked because it was so busy. One thing was for sure: the bicycle tour had to and would come. Now, after 4,5 years it is finally there: the most unique bicycle tour in Hanoi! After a lot of cycling and several test drives with more the 500 enthusiastic participants we free invited to fine tune our bicycle tour, we can say we have put together a top tour with the ins and outs of Hanoi. We can give away that is has become very nice and all elements are in it. From local snacks and drinks, a nice history, culture, rich & poor, markets, a temple to smells and colors. And all that in the nice chaos, but also in the peace of Hanoi.

So, open all your senses and enjoy all the scents, colors and flavors. What could be more fun than discovering the Real Hanoi in an ecological and healthy way?
For sure you going to love this one....


It is important for us that we, as a family business being an example in tourisme industry, where we grow together with our team and customers for an amazing experience.  As the travel specialist of Vietnam, we provide clarity and work on speed. A message via Facebook or Whatsapp is often answered within five minutes and when you enter our office, someone is immediately there to help you and to assist with your travel wishes. You will receive your request for a customized journey complete within a day. We are passionate travellers who like to share and that's what you feel & experience with us.


Greetings Sidney & Thao and Friends Travel Vietnam Team